About the FCRPA

The FCRPA was formed in 1976 by a group of retired Fairfax County police officers. As stated in our By Laws, the purpose of the Association is to promote the goals and welfare of its members and the officers of the Fairfax County Police Department, to promote a harmonious and cooperative atmosphere in the community, to promote general goodwill and understanding, and to act as a local association of retired employees.

We strive to keep our members informed about pertinent issues and events, and offer support to those members and families in need. We support and sponsor several yearly activities that encourage our members and families to come together and enjoy our camaraderie and friendship. We keep in touch with other representative employee groups, support their various activities and we maintain an up-to-date roster of our active members, surviving spouses, and deceased members. At the present time we use an e-mail network to communicate with our members. We have association members serving on other boards and committees in order to fairly represent our retirees, and we have several appointed committee chairmen within our association to take care of specific projects or endeavors. We also support other police and community activities.

Using this site, we hope to expand our ability to contact our members, make important news and information available to anyone who is interested, and display links to other sites that our members and visitors will find useful and informative. Please take time to browse the site and check back often as we will be continually updating it with useful links and information.

Officers, Board & Committees


President: Jim Dooley

Vice President: John Wallace

Treasurer: Bonnie Kraut

Secretary: Jim Gogan

Board Members

Jim Kraut

Pete Morrow

Bob Callahan

Matt Anderson

Luther Nossett

Committee Chairs

Membership: John Dooley

Health & Welfare: Paul Puff

Publications: Jim Kraut

History: Dan Courtney, Eli Cory

Fallen Officer Memorial: Beth Benham


Dean Millard, Dan Courtney

WuzzFuzz E-mail Moderators

Chip Connor and Jim Covel