The Fairfax County Police Historical Association has spent countless hours collecting, researching and digitizing photos of the Fairfax County Police Department from its humble beginnings to the dynamic institution it is today.

This group, predominantly made up of members of the Fairfax County Retired Police Association, work to preserve the history of the FCPD through our retirees and support of our active staff currently serving the citizens of Fairfax County. These photo galleries share images of our past history dating back to the 1920s. Many of the photos come from the department archives, however numerous others have been provided by retirees and/or their families. A sizable online archive will be built over time as we continue to add to the existing photo database on this site. Feel free to browse the galleries by decade, clicking on any image you wish to see enlarged. This will further allow you to browse all of the images in that gallery in this larger format with photo captions of the image describing what is being viewed. We have added a movie/video link (Historical FCPD Movie and Video Productions) which also shares old films and other Department materials. We hope you enjoy your trip through our past heritage.