The FCPD Historical Display

The Fairfax County Police Historical Display is in the final phases of completion at the new Public Safety Headquarters in Fairfax, Virginia.  This, combined with the Historical Display from the Fairfax County Fire Department, will present to the public the history of both Agencies from their beginnings.  The Police Display is set up chronologically, and includes the era of the “Road Police” starting in 1925 continuing to the start of the now stand-alone Agency of the Fairfax County Police, which was officially founded on July 1, 1940, and had a staff of 6 Sworn Officers from the Chief down, along with 2 Clerks.    The display continues up to current times with the history of the Fairfax County Police Department.

Included here is a short video of the Police memorabilia on display, showcasing the history of the FCPD.  It should be noted this display was made possible through the support of both our Active and Retired Staff, along with generous donations of both funding and materials from the Retired Police Association, The FOP Lodge 77 – Fairfax, our Retired Staff and extended Police Families, and the Fairfax County Police Association.  The first two floors of the new PSHQ are open to the public, and the actual collection is located in this venue.  To view the short movie showing the current display, click on the following link – PSHQ Police Historical Display