Fairfax County Police Department 75th Anniversary Book

The FCPHA, Inc., 75th Anniversary Hard-cover book titled, “Fairfax County Police Department 75th Anniversary” remains available.  Locally it is available at Court Liaison, at our pricing.  Also, copies of volume 1, the written history of the Fairfax County Police Department are available.  New pricing allows them to now be sold to our members and the public at a much reduced rate; $10.00 for volume 1 – History of the Fairfax County Police 1921-1990, and $25.00 for Volume 2 – the 75th Anniversary Book.  Both books are filled with photos, over 500 in book 1, and 800 or so in book 2.


The Anniversary book is hard cover, 272 pages, contains over 800 images, and spans from the 1920s up until today with period photos, images of equipment from the era being shown, FCPD newsletter clippings, and contains an appendices with sections on K-9, FCPD Patches (93 both Department and Unit made), the FCPA Sentinel Magazine Covers, and 1960s through the 1990s Recruitment Brochures.  More information is contained in the flyer below; so please click on each image to enlarge it and read more about this publication, how to obtain it, and view the sample pages from this book.  Depending on your computer system, if you click on the “opened image,” it may enlarge it a second time for viewing.